100% Virtual Therapy Sessions

I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist.
I offer 100% virtual sessions for your safety and convenience.

What is Virtual Therapy?

Improving Quality of Care

During the pandemic, I ventured into the world of virtual therapy sessions. Like many others, I had my reservations, doubting the effectiveness of virtual therapy without the in-person connection. However, what I discovered was that virtual therapy enhanced my ability to provide assistance. It enabled me to discern even the subtlest visual cues of distress on the screen and respond promptly. Transitioning entirely to virtual sessions not only elevated the quality of care but also offered a convenient and secure avenue for individuals to access the help they require.

Is Virtual Therapy Secure?

Secure & Private Sessions

Our virtual therapy sessions take place in a confidential setting, utilizing encrypted and secure tools to ensure a highly private and secure conversation between us. These sessions are not recorded, impervious to interception, and employ state-of-the-art security technology to safeguard our interactions, prioritizing your safety and privacy.


Why is Virtual Therapy better than Live Therapy?

Convenient & Flexible

Virtual therapy offers the ultimate convenience for your well-being. You can save valuable hours by sidestepping the hassles of travel and the quest for parking. This means fewer concerns about vehicle security and cost savings on car journeys or rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, not to mention public transit expenses. Additionally, it’s incredibly convenient, enabling us to have a conversation no matter where you are. Embracing an all-virtual approach has not only enhanced the quality of care but also provided a secure and convenient solution for individuals seeking support.

What do I need for virtual therapy?

Use your current computer or smart device.

Experience virtual therapy without the need for additional equipment. Simply utilize your existing Windows or Mac computer, or any smart device such as an iPhone, Android, iPad, or tablet, along with a stable internet connection to connect with me. I employ a range of versatile tools that ensure seamless connectivity across various device types.



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